Proxima LCS -
Proxima LCS is an advertising agency specializing in the Latino/Hispanic market. The company provided Varibyte with its complete website in image format. Varibyte then converted, formatted, and optimized the site for the web.


Hanover Park Vineyard -
Hanover Park Vineyard needed a site to showcase its vineyard and to market its wines. Varibyte sent a photographer to their location. The website was created and a photo gallery was added. Hanover Park Vineyard personnel can update the images in the gallery through an easy to use program that resides on their office computer.


Bennett & Guthrie P.L.L.C. -
Bennett & Guthrie P.L.L.C. is a law firm in Winston-Salem, NC concentrating in business and professional law and litigation. Varibyte maintains this website by updating content as needed.