Varibyte provides affordable design and content creation services to small and medium size businesses. Services include website design, online interactive product marketing, interactive CD’s, & brochures/print.


Turnaround Time
At Varibyte we work expeditiously to ensure every project is completed on time. Our personnel are accustomed to working at a fast pace, keeping up with our clients, while producing a quality product.

Websites generally take one to two weeks to plan. Development time varies and ranges from one week to approximately a month depending on the complexity of the site.

Varibyte requires clients to sign a letter of agreement before work begins. First time clients are asked to make a down payment before development work begins.



Websites cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 depending on the complexity of the site; number of pages, images, & other multimedia. Generally speaking, the more you are involved in producing content such as site copy, the less the site will cost.

Please feel free to inquire about our services.
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