tNotes is an easy to use, feature packed note taking program offered at a great price!

You already have invested in a great device, the TREO™ 600/650 smartphone, combine that with tNotes and increase your organization and productivity.

Create and Organize Notes
Make notes in your own handwriting. Quickly jot down information such as phone numbers or directions. Enter text alongside notes in the split note/text section.

Features of tNotes include:
• Full note editor
• Split note/text editor
• Full text note editor
• Data icons for full and split notes
• Redesigned high resolution layout
• Five way navigator support
• List views
• Attach an alarm to a note
• Over 200 ink colors to choose from
• Three line widths
• Set a default line width
• File notes in categories
• Store notes on an expansion card
• Change the alternate row color in tables
• Duplicate notes
• Animate notes
• Beam notes

tNotes was designed for the original firmware versions of the Treo 600/650. Palm has released new versions of their firmware and new devices which leads to incompatibility with the software. Support is currently provided for compatible devices: the Treo 600 and the Treo 650.

tNotes is incompatible with the Treo 680.

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